Photographer Fotograf in Nürnberg Nuremberg

Student from Nuremberg in my twenties, with a great passion for photography and design.


Started drawing aged five years, I also explored photography as a little girl, since both my father and grandfathers were into taking pictures with sowjet cameras.

Sharing the same admiration on analog equipment, I now love to use old objectives on the latest cameras.


But, as photography seems to me to be more about capturing the right moment than about using expensive equipment (yeah, I'm just another broke student), I try to communicate a special feeling. A certain atmosphere.


I'm convinced, that normal people are better models than someone who is a qualified one. That's one of the reasons why my protagonists often are just friends of mine, who i adore for their unique character and appearance.

I love to combine amazing people with inspiring locations, to give them lots of creative space and later build up a little story.


It's absolutely amazing for me to meet inspiring people, so feel free to contact me, and maybe we can start something great together!


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